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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  December 2, 2012 6:30am-7:45am EST

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for great guess, we would check out the holiday gift store you can beat the crowds and checked out your favorite guess everything from electronics to jewelry and more. the special pricing flex pay offers on select items and you can check it out concierge collection in an amazing mattress pad is around the corner. [commercial] [commercial]
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>>guest: so much for joining us when his breath >>host: checker meant that maybe you are just getting add that we do want to make a more relaxed and triple a farm of but we do count on concierge collection to do that for you we have the most absolute popular phrases for you today. we wanted to bring the favorite picks to make your bed more comfortable, more in fighting in a more relaxed in an enjoyable place to be especially right now. will bring you a beautiful,loft mattress pad. we do have the post and they are also going to be bring you is a hand filled looks like technology because it is different from a lot of the other other pillows the comfort and experiences unsurpassed to get a pair $39.75, a customer
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definitely try them out because you will absolutely above them and bad experiences first and foremost brought to you by concierge collection we did bring it out the absolute final quantities that we have for you right now and you want to upgrade the guest bedroom, if you want to upgrade the feel of your bed super soph incredible feeling you have to get that order in process right now and i do not want to be pressuring you but you really have their trust because there are 200 left and that is across all of these sizes.twin full, king, california king, that is like the 30 and every single size twin and full already for last callhave to apologize for the and what about your bad, the what extra comfort and cushion in soft experience
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this is the way to do it. these hand filled mattress pad and not only do you protect the life of your matches that you did get these soft that you will laugh. ellen potter is joining us from concierge collection. floyd and we have to talk about water and stain resistant all of these but first and foremost, >>guest: this is the best selling matches pad within concierge collection and it is one of the best in kit it the reason why is it is made differently and you can see a difference and you concede that it looks like you are sitting on all of these marshmallow pillows in the loft is so generous than it does not lose its loft, machine washable and when it first came out, it did not have this
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feature. it has now not only thefort and build lofton said, it has peace of mind added to it because if you sleep with a past six or you have a beverage reader kids jump in the bed with you. though it does have hundred percent cotton face, it is staying and water- resistant perry again >>guest: padsds in bed mattress pad that has to be dry clean only and you will spend the price of mattress pad just to launder, dry clean the one that you already have a new king getting one. what is so amazing to me is to be able to say in the sentence that it is machine washable, handheld. >>guest: starting here what to show a
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few, you talk about how much would you spend on a topper in the mattress pad basically this is like getting you can see the hot height, the loft, it is one of the only mattress pads that have the 100 percent cotton copper but it is the only mattress pad that is pulled by hand. if you look of the bill, it completely hypoallergenic, will to loft fill in if you see hal lofty this is it what you to think about a lot of the matches pads out there stitched through the it leaked as constricted so it does not maximize. this is hand filled and stitched to rounds of the you do get loft, resiliency6 c13 support, a time and time again and i do have the magic loft in my bed and every time you bluntert, it will pop up in this 0 v and lofty and you cannot wait to get to your bed. this is a game
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changer. >>host: here is the thing, being in california came out only. yet that is it, everything else has a ready been sold out.and you can get the same experience in the incredible magic loft, we will do a full presentation but i will get the information at the bottom of the screen you're bad knees a little bit at extra comfort, there the reason why concierge collection, this is the number one selling mattress pad, it gives to the protection stain resistant, at the end of the day is about sleep experience in this one but is an unbelievable experience. two minutes or sellout
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and if you have a full cup that is a clean, you put this on the betting you will not be making apologies. >>host: >>guest: year but still said it wanted to show you this because this is a deal breaker when it comes to a mattress pad. does it stay in place? it has a two- way street and give spandex have this at home and i have a featherbed center needs to you will be able fit this over your mattress look at all that that loft.we showed you same water resistance but this is fabric underneath, not plastic. >>host: are on the phone , do not hang out because it is final% quantity aware stamping this sold out, this is counting everyone in the order in process but you love the experience but maybe you already have it in your happy with the bed
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you get the experience home with the coast. this is a set that i have to say, you just have to try them, you look at these and you say that does that look like a pillow. these hand that fill the pockets of a cloud comfort, this is an unbelievable experience for you to be able to sleep on. take they look different to you and what% care what people say about to rave review after rave review, this one to add to your order. maybe thought about the guest coming but the one thing, 90 percent of us have not taking care of by the pillows. >>guest: it is so important and i actually do see both these fellows that i want to tell you why, if you've tried different polos and you have them that flattened out a few like a fool more
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supportive polo, you have to try they're also available in queen anne king's size they are the same price for two pillows and these also are 100 percent cotton, machine washable so you really extend the life of them and they staying in water-resistant with the mattress pad it but i like to say about these, it is that we took a pillow and we put the magic loft on top of it. one side has a can't build a 6 x 6 squares, the other side is a solid surface. these are really going to change the way you say, look at the loft. >>host: king's size available for the same price, asked about when you
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place your order both 2 briefly reviewed pillows of what is the rule?guest: 82 years you should replace your pillow but if you can wander pillow, it is the seat that what you see on the outside but dust mites are a reality and if you just think about the dust dander, the oil from mayors and it goes into your fellow apollo is personal but it is very important, you have to have the proper support but this a palo that is a fully staffed it does have the enhanced cover, you can wander this which makes it one that you can keep for a long time but also have the stain and water- resistant so we always joke you are a stroller.drooler.
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>>host: user on a 11:00 p.m. last night and did you take up all of your makeup off? i did >>guest: last night and i do not always terry get. lot of us look creams and our hair, hair spray and it all gets on your pillow. >>host: feel love these, as this is a cut above the rest and you see the " experience and you will love it, you have to get home and try it for yourself, you have extended holiday returns right now, a gift to you or a gift to the gas after the first night they said did not like that experience, send them back to can read great reviews but there is a reason why we
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that magic loft experience on a pair of billows because the mattress pad was so loves, how could we not. >>guest: it makes a difference because you can see you do have a standard pillow underneath and you do have all of the hand that stuffed it is the hypoallergenic it maintains the loft.c13 have tried pillows i know a lot of us are picky but if you've tried different helos and use it on it for a month than it is flat that will not happen with this polo, a belief does make a difference in the soft because of all of cans of soft squares. it really does maintain the support and loft. in this of >>guest: look to find a to love the special if you let one that is full, supportive cotton (...) >>host: full pillows look better also. they fill out
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the shams' in the bed will look higher and you will love the feel like these. >>guest: a true queen size, this is a little longer and then the king for the same price. >>host: i also want to let you know about the 100 per cent down comforter this is not scheduled to6 c13 presentation, we do have a few moments if you are looking for 100 percent cotton down comforter, this is the way to get one.this is an incredible deal, those to be so expensive. take a beaded jeffrey shipping and handling. 195-614. for you but we will take a second check in with the hsn spotlight.
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>>host: of the smartest way to shop with us at hsn is to use hsn rd or a just and mastercard. you can simply ask about it when you play to order and when you are proves, he will we will take $20 off when you are approved for wheat offer all sorts of great benefits, the ip finance and no annual fee perry yen0. let you know about the brand new today's special and tonight, colleen lopez has hand- picked a beautiful set earrings dave are going to be the brand new today's special and you will see them tonight at midnight with colleen lopez and to not miss c13 will launch tonight at3 here at hsn individual looking for jewelry ,
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electronics, we here on hsn . [commercial] [commercial] [reading]
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[♪ music ♪] >>host: shopping with us my name is brett chuckerman and ellen bunner is here and it is that time and everyone is still kind of been better maybe you are just getting6 c13 you do want a soft, cozy blanket experience but it says that so will carry kit and it is there and the title. we call it soft and cozy because it literally is so and it so close the and this is a customer pack this is a big fall blanket6 c13 feature this and throws, we even have
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it as a full blanket, too flexible payments to you can get home for under $20 and we will pay and handling for you. we in >>guest: never done that on this blanket. we should and >>host: and handling for the first time we have the twin, full, queen in california came in king. you can pick the big size and may get a snugly blanket but i think that you can even i do prefer taking home a you can get that is a great throws size but every single one of them $39.95 and free shipping and handling and let us run through the other traces. this is >>guest: the number one selling blanket year after year 85,000 ways of a day and this is the ruby which is a deep, decadent color you and see how/. it is see how well it
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takes comfort color. we have the ruby, the ivory, the classic seiche green, outgo which is 89 spot color, the purple and we have the chocolate brown and the black. we not only we added a fifth boat link-- faux edge,. in a >>host: is a to be loaded sent to the kids inc13 have it movement into assisted living,ush and light weight, they are good for every season we call them year round decision day our customer pick an hsn it is the my protect fabric with 300
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refused making a big customer, that- he's been shot of confidence in you are getting the luxurious, soft and incredibly wonderful wrap yourself around experience but this is the blanket that you will wrap yourself around and stayed wrapper around all day long. >>guest: all want to take this to the bed because of white to show you how this goes in to convey that, i do kind of have to see as open this up because what i think is different about this blanket i definitely is something you to fill for yourself that it is so plush and a few seek micro plushin retell, i want to tell you the differences we use a premium plash it is thicker than what you see out in the discount stores weight so it will work like has the great
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fibers on both sides, it does give you a great soft hand and this is insulating without being hot staff, without being heavy if you for with up in the wintertime under heavy blanket and you are perspiring, you do not have to worry about that with this because you see the maneuverability and then about a blanket, you use it now, he will use this year round this is not wide enough to store this summer because it does have that soft wheat and there you can see micro me around the edge and the other thing that people love about soft and cozy the way of launchers, it is easy to care it does not wrinkle it does notd does not lose its shape and it dry creek so it is something that you can use and and keep on your bed or so 5. >>host:with the
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free shipping and handling, " one in the bedroom order the king or queen and then picked up a twin fullup the blanket at the edge for the edge of years so far. if you are getting the it is 90 x 108 that a lot of fabric, fantastic gets, but this comes wrapped with a it is a beautiful presentation gift and the quality and the fact that every year this is a customer pack. looked at this two days ago and they were about 260 reviews, i was a customer packick.
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every year of giving6 c13 as a gift and not getting it for everybody and then you might have problems, this when you want to give. in 42 reviews. everybody is particularly picky and everyone has different expectations but nobody will be let down and you live in florida, california and you don't get that cold or you live up in maine or minnesota where you really will need the extra warmth. this is the warmth but it is the soft after sell for around comfortable feel, blanket is such an easy get the ball because you do not have to worryc13 can get any sense to know that whether they want to use it on the sofa in the bed from that they will love it and the fact that it is off the fact that it is available in a wonderful array of
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colors i will leave you here. i will walk you through the main presentation and what you to see the colors one more time. i want you to find one youc13 this is the black this is a special that we're including the zebra prints on the edges of this. get that is the black then we do have the3 rich chocolate brown. and we have a nice the way of lighter colors the soft baby blue and beautiful this is a really on trend, popular color right now. and >>guest: i love ivory, pure luxury and notice the micro may trim, this is exclusivity
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will not find some other blank is that you see and micro plush out in the market in purple, this is a great purple because it is deep, decadent it is light enough that it is not to have the the what to do feel this, i was reading the reviews customers were saying that i cannot believe i and this excited about a blanket. >>host: lot of these have a set an edge to them and it ends up getting through in fairy quickly. >>guest: or they're not finished at all but this will set apart and makes it a luxury upscale blanket. the bill >>host: 80 to take it home under $20 with flex pay. >>host: maybe someone just graduated college and has been to into
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their first apartment, you can give them a beautiful, luxurious choice it is practical and you don't have to worry about my son never had to worry about it taking to the dry cleaner. it is comfortable, cozy, it really is choosing colors, we have made this so sensible and lovable for everybody. as the presentation goes on there more great reviews. it is so true. free shipping6 c13 handling for the first time ever but it is a great time to shop for these blankets and knit you are giving some more than a blanket. >>guest: 6 this is a chocolate it does look like a mint. you can see with the micra plush this is more active list because you followed these fibers that really insulate and they really do hold the heat a renter body without wayne you down and this 8 thermosets back where you are totally insulated which to climb into bed, these are
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agreed to lay our too can even get the king if you what a bed skirt of this blanket started soft and cozy collection this is the fourth year we've had it and the quality that we use is really we added the micro main trend, and do not forget about the pri the ruby color. this is not a blanket that you will put away and i will tell you, you will want to. if you're giving this is a gift to not touch it when you get home. and you give someone soft and cozy, is it is about looking at their face when they feel that.
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>>host: do this all of the time if you are watching the holiday time, we cannot stop, with free shipping and handling for the first effort in with the flexible payments every size is the same price of the about picking up the king says for the bedroom. to get a client or queen for the sofa. to have it while you were watching television and several kit snuglyill love this and take allen's advice and free shipping and handling to say which is one minute or two left.we have six other actresses as though,
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what the size is go out i will being the beautiful soft baby though this is always the zebra accent and look at the ruby. 90 x 90 in. of decadence that you can treat
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both for your bed or form of the night. the key >>host: for your calls and i will+ see it for two hours of thell kathy wolff and i have 6 c13 (...) >>host: we have lots of great stuff coming up for you i have some electronics coming up as well >>host: we have one full hour with the delightful marilyn miglin. i know this says eau de parfum this is a pure perfume in the 1/2 ounce size with a gorgeous crystal bottle. first time ever that we are offering the 112.if
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paul will confirm that with the sales service center. it comes to their quarters crystal bottle $59.95 it is the unprecedented value. it is a $125 value. many of you absolutely wait for this, a gorgeous crystal bottle. $300 worth of a tour perfume in pheromone. we also give you 1.2 oz of the eau de parfum. and also the fragranced bottle. $74 is price over a $500 retail
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value. i would love to try the marilyn miglinc13 here you how about 15 of her most popular fragrances.u.s. pheromone destiny blue, fo-ti- tieng yang, a sixth sense,ell, celebrate pheromone from umbria's, pheromone gold, pheromone secret, an essential amber. all in this window box all of these gorgeous are built into one. all this and more on hsn today. we thank you for joining us, all of the time people ask how can you celebrate and to
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fragrance on television. have a woman who is the best in the business. a incredible philanthropist. a grandmother, businesswoman. she has a street named after her. she is a dear and delightful friend, marilyn miglin. her fragrances have been around for over 20 years, they sell for over $600 an ounce. happy anniversary, and all of those things. >>host: we need to start off with a personal it is fresh and clean and pretty. you do not smell like everybody destiny has always been a fever for marilyn miglin. --a fragrance for
7:04 am
marilyn miglin. and destiny blue i cannot believe you did this, $26.90. and we give you the cooling bodyon and we have a hand cream project two flex payments $13.45, 750 to go. first come first served. >>guest: it is the holiday time and nothing is destiny blue. it a happy fragrance wonderful for this time of the year.ave tried my fragrances but this is certainly an affordable way to do that. >>host: for under
7:05 am
50¢ a day over the course of the next few can experience this fragrance trade if you love destiny individually, you will love this. look at your sicilian clementine. >>guest: and we have added the cool flowers, effervescent. as you can see the blue flocks of,foxglove we have not used blue flowers before it is unlike anything elset: >>host: when you tried this, it is different. i am not traditionally a floral person. there
7:06 am
is noal top note this is mixed with you are blue flowers, think citrus with a soft floral base. fragrances with a little bit of grapefruit. pucker.and who has turned down the heat. this is low light. >>guest: it feels cool and it is cooling. exude coolness and confidence. >>host: it is just
7:07 am
beautiful and in the hand cream. it is going to feel lovely, and side of your boots. this cooling body lotion, and it is refreshing on your skin. i want you to see how rich and luxurious this is.a rich elegant cream that leaves are skin so silky smooth even if your hands have a tendency to perspire >>guest: it is cooling and moisturizing. we know how hand cream is. we do not think about it, we think about our body lotion and our face. hands are reallyant, now you have something extra special for the bush rising factor. for moisturizing a
7:08 am
factor. >>host: only 400 of these left to go around. it is not just the regular destiny, it is destiny blue. i do not know if we have the price break down. $45 individually for the fragrance itself. you get the entire just for the fragrance. foxhound $18.10 less than what the fragranced would cost. >>host: it is a perfect expression that makes you feel cool and new. help you express yourself and get into a fragrance. here are
7:09 am
the fragrance and notes, you have a top notes of sicilian clementine. [reading] >>guest: we also have an african teasease, blue daisy is brigid it is a special kind of fragrance. -- afrikander daisies [laughter african daisies and blue
7:10 am
teasease. >>host: this is not something we offer is your body lotion, the bath your eau de parfum. and your tissue paper is even included. all of these individual notes, this is after midnight passionfruit. new middle notes on that you have the feeling he langeylang-ylang. [reading] >>guest: we know that sandalwood is the aphrodisiac. >>host: we want to let everybody it says that this is eau de parfum, but
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this is pure perfume. it sells $250 per ounce. or $125 on the tour perfume. pure perfume. today under $60, three flex payments under $20. and you receive a gorgeous crystal perfume bottle. a fragrance we have offered to it was meant to to marilyn miglin and she did not receive 4009 added that the nine phone calls and letters to keep bringing this in,-- 4999 phone calls and letters to keep
7:12 am
bringing this in. about one 12th?112. 3 >>guest: >>guest: she is on a pedestal, charming and sophisticated. it is regal and elegant. you will feel finished when you apply this. sold thousands in one offer. i was not going to bring this back it was a limited edition. many of you order department and give me a call and said we have so many requests 112 we cannot take any orders to get it took a while to bring this. because you enjoy this so much we have the perfume for the first time. we have
7:13 am
not had the actual perfume before pre. >>host: thank you two micro for changing this. there is a big difference. manufacturers do not offer eau de parfum. ally it is eight wooden toieau de toilette which is between 12 and 15 percent. with the perfume is 15-18 percent. but marilyn miglin uses 25 percent. goes up to 30 percent. >>guest: you have a chance to wear a perfume which will make you feel like a
7:14 am
star print. you have a final that comes with this. --you have afinal that comes with this. she is a mysterious, exotic, glamorous. >>host: we should talk about these notes. >>guest: [reading]
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>>guest: you do not stand a chance with this. it is doing everything for you that you want it to do >>guest: yes >>host: it is old hollywood glamour. look how beautiful this all wrapped into the sack him.sappthe satin. with a beautiful long crystal piece down the center. it is a half an ounce of the pure perfume. secure these.
7:16 am
here is your crystal stopper. >>guest: you apply this around the rim of yourears and wear your heart beats. and here is a collector's bottle. >>host: i want you to know what this feels like. it fits perfectly. >>guest: when you try a real perfume verses the eau de parfum there is another level of elegance and quality. >>host: yours today at this one great low price agreement and this just dips
7:17 am
down inside. you have just enough. you touch this done behind your ears. >>guest: + bit at the nape of the neck. and the sun rises. >>host: be careful this is do not want to dipping into the plastic another are a lot of big soccer >>guest: thank you very very much >>caller: i am a huge fan of destiny. >>guest: le add another layer of enthusiasm and
7:18 am
sophisticationthis plan will add another layer of enthusiasm and sophistication. >>host: there another product i liked, this and it is similar, you will like this >>caller: i have had it perfect+ strangers stopped me to ask what i am wearing. i tell them it is marilyn miglin destiny pre lit. they tell me i smell so good. >>guest: and many hours after you apply destiny people look comment. >>caller: yes they do and you do not need to drownin
7:19 am
it. >>host: people come up close to you.i have had people across a countertop. under $60 today, we offer you a half an ounce of your is early, be glad you have tuned in. find out why everybody went crazy over this individually gift box. the this is just for your pure perfume.under $60, we have about 200 or so miglin coming up in pheromone and destiny [♪ music ♪] >>host: coming up we have some great showstoppers coming
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your way. coming up at 10:00 a.m.. and that we have [reading] >>host: marlo smith has some great politics to share with you. holiday picks to share with
7:21 am
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[♪ music ♪] [reading] [♪ music ♪] [♪ music ♪] >>host: this is something at weight for every single visit. this meant a $600 per ounce. there are 179 rare and the essential ingredients which are so decadent. $600 per ounce it isce size, we can all do the math $300, notice your prices $ used to be a separate purchase to get the pure perfume in destiny. for all of the destiny girls you get the poor
7:23 am
perfume in destiny one half an ounce size. --pureand perfume, then she gives us of the individually gift wrappedc13 bottles. she did not stop there. have the 1.2 oz is a really pretty collectible. here is the eau de parfum. it has 25 percent of the perfume concentrate look at what we are offering today, you will be shocked. $300 for your pheromone perfume.
7:24 am
[reading] daif you wanted to give somebody this perfume bottle this is a lovely gift..this or that, it unbelievable volume, $74, three flex payments $24.97. --$24.67.your 2 phero yes and
7:25 am
pheromone is for a woman who lives life as adventure with love for it. i never imagined when that traveled to egypt i would have recipes from the walls of the pyramids and it was translated from theirhow the gra hieroglyphics you know i never saw those pictures of you in egypt. how absolutely delightfulcan see marilyn miglin in egypt.
7:26 am
that is lovely >>guest: up and never knew this trip would save my life.--i never knew this trip would it change my life. >>guest: ice spend so much time at the university of chicagonever gotten to eject before. go into. i was asked if i would like to go. when they got to go. it took me seven and a half years to create pheromone. >>host: there are
7:27 am
over 179 ingredients with precious ingredients you do not find anywhere else like fo-ti-tieng be sexual stimulant. seven of these are documented on ancient papyrus. we have italian bergamot, leafy greens. [reading] >>guest: and there are still many more than we have listed here. >>host: some of these ingredients of the most precious and expensive. >>guest: jasmin absolute is3 $20,000 a pound. it
7:28 am
grows and all of the you will gardens it only blooms that night. those can be chosen before daybreak. then we need to remove for a separate the wheels from the water. -- s from the water. and then you have the beautiful formal. >>host: $300 for one of these and then
7:29 am
you have the eau de parfum, no pricing even attributedthis gorgeous crystal bottle. a choice between this and the destiny. -- you are not a choice between this and the destiny. i used to save up every single year. marilyn miglin would only 1 which was 18 7 oz.1/ announce. now we have a half your destiny and
7:30 am
pheromone. for $74, plus two is a and heard of the valley. >>guest: destiny excreted for the woman who balances her sexuality with her spirituality--destiny i created for the woman (...) and at pheromone is the organic form of communication. deberg. peoplepeople notice
7:31 am
destiny hours after we apply it. now when i >>host: when i visited my in the hospital i did not feel like i needed to remove the fragrance. >>guest: it allows people to come to you. all of the white flowers have a corresponding meaningful message with your chakra points. >>host: you cully, with lows, [reading]--cal lilly, whit[reading] >>host: n destiny
7:32 am
does not have top notes. you are not a floral person you will love this.think about it all white wedding to kay. dukeok of quet. >>host: we now talk with sheryl. >>caller: hello. i have tried everything you offered. >>host: what do you think destiny in pheromone? >>caller: get some many complement's from men. is like a magnet for men. the
7:33 am
lady at church was asking me what this was. i told her pheromone. up for your show. i was going to purchase these as a gift but i will keep them for myself. >>host: cheryl what in this phone call. -a-ll. a nice phone call. i always keep the solids in my purse. >>host: what are your favorite? >>caller: purchased the
7:34 am
pure perfume. >>guest: 112 is surpassing pheromone. >>host: it is nice to hear. there are fragrances inside that your we have never experienced before--inside of here. >>host: we do not have many out of these left. but is loaded up. if you are afraid to a fragrance under $50 you cannot miss out. the world's most precious perfume
7:35 am
pheromone is really different than destiny. purchase this today and you do not like one of these you will probably like the other one. with pheromone, do not just trust your nose to it it smells different on your skin. up, it's not as different. --it smells different on each person. as you dance
7:36 am
around this will warm up. my husband was asking me what are you wearing?--a brother was out dancing with me and he sought everybody coming up close to me and was asking what i was eye said pheromone and he said not my baby sister thisi feel wonderful. if i get called to the principal's office, i put on the pheromone. if i apply for a job which has not been for over 20 years. or if you are applying for a loan at the bank.
7:37 am
putting your best foot forward >>host: digest need to feel more confident. --you justneed to feel more confident. >>guest: i am powerful, i will make things happen. >>guest: and they will smell nice. >>host: teacher said my son smells better than any kid in that grade. they smell like chocolate and strawberry. ughter. [laughter] hello to ray.
7:38 am
>>caller: hello, i am thrilledsaw this presentation you have these beautiful bottles with all of the perfume.and those to in the french are so cute. front are so cupreous >>guest: i am so glad you thought about >>guest: i am so glad you thought about these poor get >>caller: i am interested to try these. >>guest: and you can mix of these cannot put destiny on for the day then follow with
7:39 am
>>host: pheromone destiny is different than pheromone. it is inner directed where pheromone is a matter directe outer directed. it is the only true of floral fragrance and that i love. >>guest: these ingredients are natural, they do not cause a unusual reaction. it is kind and gentle. >>host: took my daughter to an allergist fragrance. i forgot the other day. and the
7:40 am
health professionthese >>host: we are unbelievably busy. just in this presentation, 650 of you have ordered this about 1000 dagan it is 7:00 a.m. in the morning, only 2000 of these left to go around. if you have wanted to experience this now is your chance. 00 per l ounce. this is a tour perfume. [reading]
7:41 am
>>host: three flex payments, $24.67. keep a few of these around as a gift. we now check again with guy yovan. --th guy yovan. [♪ music ♪] >>host: make sure you check december 3rd, but we have serena williams. did make sure you tune in tomorrow type in key word sirenaserena wi. here is information on how to pick of the hsn charge card. up the hsn charge
7:42 am
card. up the hsn charge card. [reading] [commercial] [commercial] [♪ music ♪] [reading] >>host: marilyn miglin and i were talking about this
7:43 am
before the show.she has done 10 pc. gift sets before these are your individual eau de parfum under $50 a. you do not make that i think this has every fragrance. my favorites during the holidays, your ornaments with the balls and the center. on the celebrate fragrance. my tree never smelled so good. if [laughter] we will give you a quick rundown, we rundownsixth sense pheromoneeeze goddess, fo-ti- tieng, celebrate
7:44 am
pheromone gold, sensual and amber 3 pheromone musk, magic, magic nights, and bombshell. teen- age girls love bombshell. >>guest: bomb shell has been a bomb shell. we all want to feel like a bomb shell. to bring out the inner to lambert. have one of each of these. i have so many children. : my goodness gracious you have them all inside of >>guest: how perfect would this be for a hostess gift great inside of some within.


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